From the fantastical world of film and television, some outstanding characters have stretched our belief mechanisms over the past near-century of film-making.  Occasionally, those ‘characters’ work in the industry rather than being a product of it.  Almost none have combined a passion for cakes with a lifetime devotion to West Bromwich Albion.  Andrew Patrick is a genuine one-off.  A former CEO of the British Film Commission, Deputy CEO of the Producers Association and the inaugural CEO of the North West’s Screen Agency.  Andrew’s knowledge of the industry, built up over more than three decades, is as impressive as his love for everything filmic.  The famous movie quotes featured in each section of this web site have, in some cases, been painstakingly altered to fit the theme of the page.   As Andrew hates mis-quotes, this has the added benefit of making him twitch with irritation. His work in advising industry practitioners and their businesses has earned him consistent plaudits and a reputation for delivering results.  As well as his continuing role as a specialist adviser on international trade for UKTI, Andrew was part of the record-breaking business support initiative which resulted in £511 million in new and safeguarded sales and impacted on 7,300 jobs. Anyone who has observed Andrew in action, immediately understands how he’s made such a difference to so many industry projects.   
The consequences of experience “Keep your friends close, but your advisers closer.”
Website Author’s Note: The copy on this website was written by industry colleagues of Andrew Patrick.  Positive references to Andrew should not, therefore, be taken as arrogance or conceit on his part.  His negative traits are far worse, and he simply doesn’t have the skills to write this well.